Sunday, January 1, 2012

Birds and Nests- a child's lunch

What is better than encouraging your child's imagination and creativity while providing food? Melissa from another lunch does just that using muffin tins. I really like this one theme around birds and nests. She puts it all together using a sliced boiled egg, bird-shaped cheddar cheese (sprinkles were used for the eyes), sliced bell pepper and a little pond to dip them in. You could use an easy and healthy yogurt dip or get inventive and add avocado to the dip like Monica did on the Yummy Life.

The bottom row has birdie shaped crackers, a duck shaped sandwich (cream cheese and blueberry preserves, beak is cheddar cheese and eye is a sprinkle), and a sweet clementine orange with a little penguin pick in the middle! If you are inspired to join in bloggers for muffin tin lunches, head over to Muffin Tin Mom and join their fun.

photo credit: another lunch

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